Ankur Patel

Hey, my name is Ankur and I currently attend Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. I am majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Philosophy. I am the creator of the Lone Roll Poker game, which is based on simplicity and  various other poker games.  I enjoy playing strategic games such as Starcraft and sports games such as Madden 2009.

David Reilly

Hi, my name is David and I am currently a student of the Rutgers Business School. My current major is Business Finance with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy playing video games and listening to good music as well as traveling the world. I also enjoy strategical games and understanding how they are designed.

Rippon Zaman

Hi, my name is Rippon and I am currently a student in the Rutgers School of Pharmacy. I enjoy playing sports and listening to music. I also enjoy playing sports video games such as Madden and NBA Live.